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Bold Cliffs of Maine

Bold Cliffs of Maine

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This was taken in September of 2020. In the remote eastern corner of Maine there is a little-known region, known to locals as the "Bold Coast". The Bold Coast features dramatic cliffs rising from the cold North Atlantic waters. When hiking through the trails in this area it can feel as though you are the last person on earth. When the lockdowns caused me to cancel all of my 2020 travel plans, I found myself searching closer to home for inspiration. I was fortunate to find this breathe-taking discovery right in my own back yard. In order to capture this image, I first had to hike through a very narrow trail through thick forests for about 2 hours. The weather was extremely rough that day, however, in this region the it can change quickly. After the clouds started to break, it left only the remnants of fog clinging to the cliffs off into the distance.

Signed by Benjamin Roberts and Part of a Limited Edition of 50.

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